Body Contouring in Boston, MA

When diet and exercise aren’t enough to reach those trouble spots, body contouring may be able to help. At Regeneris Boston, we offer truSculpt® and Vaser®Lipo to patients in and around Boston, Massachusetts. Learn how our treatments can work for you. 

What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring is a procedure designed to eliminate unwanted fat that diet and exercise have not been able to target. Often performed on the arms, thighs, tummy and other regions of the body, this procedure is highly customizable to your needs. At Regeneris Boston, we use the following methods:

  • truSculpt®—A non-invasive, Monopolar RF system that takes a multi-dimensional approach to body sculpting. This procedure sends clinically therapeutic temperatures into the unwanted fat to target and eliminate fat cells efficiently and effectively.
  • VASERlipo®—An ultrasound-assisted technology that precisely targets unwanted fat. This procedure sends ultrasound energy into just the fat cells, while leaving the surrounding tissues untouched.

How Much Does Body Contouring Cost?

All of our procedures are calculated on an individual basis. Rest assured, your personalized pricing will be calculated at the time of your consultation.

Additionally, we are sensitive to the fact that cosmetic procedures may present a substantial financial burden, as they are often not covered by insurance. That is why we are proud to accept a wide range of payment methods including financing through CareCredit® and Union Medical Credit.

Am I a Good Candidate for Body Contouring?

If you are an adult who has a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet, but still struggles to eliminate unwanted fat, you could be a good candidate for body contouring. Of course, the best way to determine your candidacy is to schedule a consultation. This will allow our team to understand your concerns and create a plan tailored to your goals.

How is Body Contouring Performed?

Both of our non-surgical body contouring methods are performed in-office, on an outpatient basis. During your procedure, you will be comfortably reclined as the body contouring device is moved across the target area. Both systems are highly comfortable, so you can relax while our innovative technology does the work.

What is Recovery Like After Body Contouring?

Downtime will vary depending on the individual and the procedure performed. However, our non-invasive body contouring techniques greatly reduce downtime, as compared to surgical methods.

How Long Will My Body Contouring Results Last?

Once your unwanted fat cells are processed and eliminated through the body, they will be gone for good. However, you may still gain weight in the remaining fat cells, so following a healthy lifestyle is key to preserving your results.

At Regeneris Boston, we strive to provide our patients with the information they need to make the most supportive choices on their aesthetic journey. Our office is convenient for residents of Boston, Cape Cod, Attleboro, and the surrounding Massachusetts communities. To learn more and to schedule a consultation, contact us today.