Lipoma Excision Surgery in Boston, MA

Not all tumors are cancerous. Lipomas are fatty, non-cancerous growths that are generally small and painless. If your lipoma has become large and painful, lipoma removal can help. Our team offers lipoma removal to patients in and around Boston, MA. Learn how we can help you. 

What is Lipoma Removal?

Lipoma removal is a procedure designed to remove the non-cancerous, fatty tumor known as a lipoma. This excision is performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia.

How Much Does Lipoma Removal Cost?

The cost of lipoma removal will depend upon the individual’s needs and insurance coverage. Your personalized pricing will be calculated at the time of your consultation.

That said, our team understands that your lipoma removal may present a substantial financial burden. As a result, we are glad to accept a wide range of payment options, including financing through CareCredit® and Union Medical Credit.

Am I a Candidate for Lipoma Removal?

If you have been diagnosed with a non-cancerous, fatty tumor, you could be an excellent candidate for lipoma removal. However, the best way to determine your candidacy for this or any procedure is to schedule a consultation.

How is Lipoma Removal Performed?

Lipoma removal is performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. Our team will quickly and safely remove the growth so that you no longer experience pain or discomfort from your lipoma.

What is Recovery Like After Lipoma Removal?

Recovery after lipoma removal will depend upon the individual. However, in most cases, patients will need to take at least two to three days off of work to give the body time to heal. Rest assured that our team will discuss the specifics of your recovery when you visit our office.

How Long Will My Lipoma Removal Results Last?

The results of your lipoma removal procedure are designed to be long-lasting. Once the tumor has been removed, however, you should be mindful of any new growths on or under the skin. Although lipomas are non-cancerous, other types of tumors my not be. If you do discover new areas of concern, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation.

At Regeneris Boston, we aim to educate our patients on all of their options for lipoma removal so that they can make a choice that works for the long-term. Our practice is convenient for residents of Boston, Cape Cod, Attleboro, and the surrounding Massachusetts communities. For more information or to schedule a consultation, do not hesitate to contact us