Melanoma Treatment in Boston, MA

Melanoma is the most lethal and one of the most well-known forms of skin cancer. Often resembling moles, these growths can quickly become cancerous. Fortunately, treatments are available to eliminate cancerous cells and renew your outlook on life. Learn more about melanoma treatment below. 

What is Melanoma Treatment?

Melanoma treatment is designed to target cancerous cells and provide you with a clean bill of health. The type of treatment will vary depending on the cancer’s stage. Options for treatment include surgery, radiation, medication, and more.

How Much Does Melanoma Treatment Cost?

The cost of melanoma treatment will vary depending on your unique needs and your insurance provider. However, in an effort to make our services more accessible, we are glad to accept a wide range of payment options, including financing through CareCredit® and Union Medical Credit.

Am I a Candidate for Melanoma Treatment?

If you have been diagnosed with melanoma, then you are likely a good candidate for treatment. However, the best way to determine your candidacy is to schedule a consultation. This will allow our team to determine the plan of action most supportive for your needs.

How is Melanoma Treatment Performed?

Your melanoma treatment will vary depending on your needs. However, for early stage melanoma, a simple and highly effective treatment is surgery to remove the cancerous cells. The cancer will be removed during this procedure, along with a border of healthy skin and a layer of tissue beneath the cancer. For those who have caught their cancer early, this could be the only needed treatment.

What is Recovery Like After Melanoma Treatment?

Recovery after melanoma treatment is highly individual. Our team will speak with you regarding what you can expect during your consultation.

How Long Will My Melanoma Treatment Results Last?

Our team strives to provide melanoma treatment with long-lasting results. However, once you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, you will need to monitor your skin more closely in the event that cancer could return.

At Regeneris Boston, we provide melanoma treatment to our patients seeking high-quality results. Our practice is convenient for residents of Boston, Cape Cod, Attleboro, and the surrounding Massachusetts communities. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us