Minimally Invasive Face lift in Boston, MA

A non-surgical facelift is an excellent choice for patients seeking to combat signs of aging without going under the knife. At Regeneris Boston, we are proud to provide this and other state-of-the-art anti-aging treatments to patients in and around Boston, MA. Find out how we can help you. 

What is a Non-Surgical Facelift?

A non-surgical facelift is a procedure designed to restore volume, diminish the appearance of wrinkles, and revitalize your face, all without going under the knife. At Regeneris Boston, we offer two non-surgical facelift options:

  • Regeneris Facelift—Our non-surgical facelift combines fat transfer, PRP and stem cell serum.
  • Silhouette InstaLift™—A suspension suture that immediately lifts and adds volume to the mid-face.

How Much Does a Non-Surgical Facelift Cost?

The cost of each non-surgical facelift is calculated on an individual basis. However, the average Regeneris facelift costs $6,500.

At Regeneris Boston, we understand that insurance companies may not cover the cost of cosmetic procedures, such as a non-surgical facelift. That is why we gladly accept a wide range of payment options, including financing through CareCredit® and Union Medical Credit.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Non-Surgical Facelift?

If you have loose, sagging skin in the mid-face and are seeking a non-surgical alternative for rejuvenation, a non-surgical facelift could be right for you. However, the best way to determine your candidacy for this or any procedure is to schedule a consultation.

How is a Non-Surgical Facelift Performed?

Your non-surgical facelift will be customized to your precise needs. For those electing to have a Regeneris facelift, your procedure will be conducted under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. The entire process will take approximately four to five hours to complete.

During the procedure, we will remove fat from a donor area, often the abdomen. This fat will then be purified and injected into the face to create the vibrant, youthful aesthetic you are striving towards. PRP and stem cell therapies may be added for enhanced results.

What is Recovery Like After a Non-Surgical Facelift?

A non-surgical facelift offers reduced recovery times, compared to traditional facelift methods. With the Regeneris facelift, you can enjoy no recovery or downtime.

How Long Will My Non-Surgical Facelift Results Last?

Your results will last for years to come. However, some patients may require several treatments to achieve their desired results. The details of your treatment plan will be discussed during your consultation.

At Regeneris Boston, we are pleased to offer non-surgical facelifts to our patients in Boston, Cape Cod, Attleboro, and the surrounding Massachusetts communities. To learn more about how this procedure could help you, do not hesitate to contact us