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Dr. Edwin Ishoo

Dr. Edwin Ishoo is the First Surgeon In New England to Perform Smartlipo Triplex® Hi Def and VASER® HiDef Liposculpting

Recognizing the importance of this sophisticated method of body sculpting for his clientele, Dr. Edwin Ishoo, who has performed hundreds of Smartlipo Triplex® and VASER® Liposelection procedures with great results, studied at the Advanced Body Sculpting Institute in Colorado and Bogota, Colombia receiving extensive hands-on training in this advanced technique with Dr. Millard and Dr. Hoyos. To date, fewer than 100 surgeons have been trained in the world, with only a handful practicing in the U.S. Dr. Ishoo is the first and only surgeon qualified to perform the Smartlipo Triplex® Hi Def and VASER® Hi Def Liposculpture in Massachusetts. The VASER® ultrasound technology combined with an aesthetic appreciation for the human anatomy and an experienced liposuction surgeon allows for spectacular results to which nothing else even comes close. The success of VASER® Hi Def requires that the surgeon have well-trained hands and an artful eye.

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